dinsdag 29 september 2009

Wavering motivation

I find my inspiration and motivation to learn about the flute playing somewhat wavering. It is not that I dislike it, absolutely not, but maybe I can call it 'shaku fatique...'. The thing what matters to me most is playing the instrument and that I do, to listen to the music I like as well, so it lies not therein. Maybe I feel a bit tired of shaku-talking and shaku-reading. The same questions come along on the forum, and it is all talk about the shakuhachi and I feel my motivation to participate in it is lowered. I feel this is part of learning and playing or life in general...it is not always shining bright. But sometimes this pattern is difficult to accept. But even when feeling uninspired I can play and practise. The abillity to do so stays fortunately and I am sure more inspiration will come in some time. Maybe I have the autumn shaku-blues.

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Anoniem zei

The shakuhachiforum, reading and studying in the school type fashion often wore me out. I try not to let the forum get under my skin now but that place has often demoralized me or just plan wore me out. Studying with my teacher Ronnie Nyogetsu was the perfect medicine. He lets his students progress at their own rate unless a student is being lazy, then watch out :) Outside of a teacher or friend youtube videos have inspired me most. Try browsing youtube with "shakuhachi" and "尺八". When you put the "shakuhachi Japanese zen bamboo flute" down, it becomes a stick again. How wonderful!

Bas Nijenhuis zei

Thanks Jon,
It seems I am not the only one with this. There is probably just that one thing with this instrument that matters: to play. The rest is just not that. Reading the forum is still reading. Not playing makes it a piece of grass\stick with holes...A damned pretty expensive piece of grass though :)
Youtube is a nice source.


Anoniem zei

Yes Bas, I know what you mean, sometimes I have squeezed the life out of an interest with too much thinking, reading, researching, commenting...etc. And it is then I that I need to draw back a bit and just engage rather than intellectualize.
By merely playing the flute you will return to why you were drawn to the shak in the first place.
The forum will go on with or without us, sometimes a little time away from the computer can be a very good thing.
Take care, stay well.