donderdag 28 mei 2009

Nifty video

Here a vid of very nice playing of Aoki Reibo and Goro Yamaguchi. Also a way for me to try to embed a youtube video. Thanks to a Dutch Kaito member for finding the video :)
If I have it right they are playing Shika No Tone (Distant call of deer).

Here it is:

dinsdag 12 mei 2009

Reaction of others

When playing or when carrying the flute, the reactions the flute elicits are quite various. Mostly people are curious and want to know what it is you are holding or playing. They seem quite interested! More so than my experience is with a more common instrument. Then there is the name of this flute 'shakuhachi', not a name which has a real pleasant ring to it. The reaction to the sound is more even: people like it and associate it with relaxing or spiritual, zenlike music. -or people are polite- :). the shrill tones of the kan register-practise aren't always relaxing!
The most enthousiastic reaction though is from children, they are quite direct and want to try themselves immediatly, just to give up short thereafter finding out it is impossible for them to make a sound. Fortunately there is the plastic flute, which can be washed of saliva.
Here above a picture of Januari this year, during skiing in Austria. With that 2 children hanging around while I practised.

zondag 3 mei 2009

Kifu Mitsuhashi plays Chikurai

Check out this very nice video:

Chikurai from naha Jaja on Vimeo.

Kifu Mitsuhashi plays Chikurai - series of five compositions by Moroi Mokota. Chikurai translates as sound of bamboo, it is composed for shakuhachi, japanese bamboo flute. The compositions synthesize contemporary and traditional playing styles, phrases and techniques. Footage was shot on the main concert of Prague Shakuhachi Summer School 08.