zondag 29 november 2009

one year of playing and blogging

At the beginning of this month it has been a year that I first choose to purchase a Yuu-shakuhachi. I contacted a local afficionado and he wrote me a letter back if I was certain to want to learn an instument as difficult as this one. The answer now is yes! I like that part of this flute. It holds secrets in itself and in its traditions. It seems to be a simple thing: a bamboo stick. My friend always say something like "whoa: 1000$ for a piece of bamboo!", that I can understand from a 3rd person's view of perspective...but then adds: "why don't you sell it?"...and that I will never do...
This was a wonderfull year shakuhachi wise: I learned a lot, practices a lot, meet a lot of new interesting  people, met two very different and wonderfull teachers who help me along the way. One is at the other end of the world, but with a lot of help from the technology today online lessons is possible as well!
I underwent a very energetic 4 days of summerschool and I have learned a lot of new things. Now that I am one year on the go, I notice the learning slows down more. At first there were more 'oooohs and aaaahs' then nowadays. The music or pieces I can play now are actually more interesting then in the beginning, so one reccomendation to beginners: start and keep at it.
Thank you as well to the readers up till now!! The interaction via this blog adds more depth into my playing and experience. Thanks!
For fun: I recorded Tsubaki Saku Mura to listen to. More of Fukuda Rando I recorded can be listened. I recorded this song (name doesn't come to mind) with my Edo flute.
I like to play his songs; they are quite diverse and moving.

dinsdag 17 november 2009

Hon Shirabe take 3 - the yearly recordings

I once in a while record this Honkyoku song. Also in some of my first posts of this blog I did that. This will be the 3rd take online of this song. This one done as it should be played and thus I can record my progress -or lack thereoff- while playing it.
This version is played on my 1.8 Gyokusui.
>>Listen here<<

maandag 9 november 2009

Playing and painting

When being busy with painting with oil paint -for the first time- I tought about the similarities. They're both a form of art of expressing yourself. One with paint, one with sound. When you do so, or better when I am into one or the other I forget time. You just play or just paint. Times seems to be no more, but it comes back when you consiously see or hear youself doing it. Both will get better - is my experience- when not thinking too much. And that is an aspect I really like. Many things in live desire decisions, choices or hard thinking. The flute, the music, the paint, the pictures makes me wanna do instead of think. Even more with painting, but also with playing: just start and you'll get somewhere. Here is my first painted self-portrait, taken with a cellphone camera.

 Selfportrait, oil on canvasboard. 30' x30' (cm).

zondag 8 november 2009

Edo flute II

I've added a sound file to the add below. To get an impression!

zaterdag 7 november 2009

Edo 1.9 Jinashi nobekan

 I bought this one from Brian Tairaku Ritchie as the 'el cheapo edo'. And that is what this flute is: not a great flute of that era, but an ok one and a good one if played soft with a little vibrato. It has a sweet sound, not too focused, with a lovely kan register.
A flute like this, dated to late 19th century, will give you a glimpse of that time and past. Due to the imperfect tuning, normaly to this kind of flutes, it is more suited for solo play and honkyoku.
click to hear me play Fukuda Rando on this flute:
>>>>Sound file<<<<<