dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

Back on tracks

After pondering about some time about playing the shak and learning I've reached a decision: I don't want to go on the old way. I want to put more time in it! I guess it came all down to just choosing to get on with it. I had stopped my lessons for a while to see if I would go on without them, I did but missed the lesson and guidance as well. I had few lessons when I first started to play, then I was very entousiastic about it. Looking back I feel it has to do with a clear goal at that time: getting able to play the flute. Knowing it was hard was something that drived me. Currently I can 'play' the notes (which is a whole lot different then playing the flute) I hit a sort of plateau where progress was not so visible. I think I need to set a different goal this time. I was some time without. I hope to be able to specify this goal though, but I am in no hurry. Maybe a goal isn't very zen-like, but I don't care, the flute isn't all about that. I like to have some goal if it helps me to be kept inspired. I decided to start up the lessons, maybe even have a go at jinashi lessons sometime. I think the comming of the anual European School, which has passed when writing this I need to make a choice. And I did. The ESS (European Schakuhachi School) helped tremendously in energizing this choice. I only hope to keep this feeling sometime. I'll post some pics and thing I've learned at the ESS somedays later. Let's roll!

woensdag 4 augustus 2010

summer slowness


After some shakuhachi rest in the sense of playing less on a daily basis and also taking a break from lessons I try to get it up to my old inspirational level. Most of the times the break of it feels ok, but sometimes I feel bad about it. Interests in things waver naturally through time, but in starting to play this flute I din't expect this to happen to this...well it did. I still consider it 'my instrument' though. It just is a thing that need to be kept alive I guess.
Next event that comes up my path is the European Shakuhachi summerschool in Prague! I am already enthousiastic about it! To meet others and play together is perhaps the best thing to keep the spirit of playing and wanting to practice alive.