donderdag 18 februari 2010

No big things

Shaku-'life' goes on and 'little things' pass. Not real breakthroughs to experience, just playing, practising and enjoying the playing. That would be the conclusion if I would summ it up right now. I've been studying some pieces of Fukuda Rando lately and two Honkyoku: San'ya and Tamuke. I quite like to play Fukuda Randa. These are lyrical and emotive songs, less 'deep' in somewhat way then Honkyoku pieces. F.Rando is known to mix traditional and Western styles in his compositions, so maybe they are more easy on the ear from the start. A Honkyoku is much more layered then first meets the eye and I can really get into one. When I put my full attention to one of them I feel it is much more 'demanding' and also more gratifying, though that is not the excact right word.
Next to this I've been trying to make a humidor for my shakuhachi. I was tired wrapping them up in plastic bags every time. I like to get one and play around. I have acquired a small display case, but it needs tinkering. I'll post this little Shaku-DIY someday here.