maandag 17 november 2008

Lesson 1 and first post

Monday 17 November. My first message in this Blog! This is a Blog about the wonderfull flute called the shakuhachi. I started to have lessons 3 weeks ago and bought my Shakuhachi Yuu.
See for more details:

As you can see I painted the Yuu look more original and bamboo-like with a stainer.
I didn't use any lacquer, so the stain will slowly become more faint.

First lesson for this month:

* play ro loud as long as possible on one breath: otsu ro. Repeat. Do the same but then as soft as you can, trying to let the sound 'ring' inside your head.

* Play ro, tsu, re, chi, ri as loud as you can on one breath, think a wide breath.

* Play those same note's, start in de lower otsu register then overblow to kan register (2nd register).

* Play re, then by tilting the flute make it sound lower: meri and by doing the opposite make it higher: kari.

* Play re meri softly and slowly make it louder en less meri, so you go from re meri to re on increasing volume.

* Practise the articulating of these notes.

These are the starters with some additional sheet music.

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