zondag 12 april 2009

Playing in Holland

Here in the Netherlands we have a small, but nice and well organised bunch of shaku-players -if I may say so-. I have joined Kaito the Dutch shakuhachi organisation.I recently joined a master workshop of the very friendly Kurahashi. Perhaps I'll post about that workshop later. Later in summer Holland will be organising the European Shakuhachi Summer school. The following text is from the European site :

2009 - JULY 23-26 Shakuhachi Summer School in Leiden, Nederland

  • Teachers:
    • Yoshio Kurahshi
    • Vlastislav Matousek
    • Steve Cohn
    • Tilo Burdach
    • Kees Kort

    To register: send an email to
    kees@shakuhachi.nl or kaito@shakuhachi.nl

    Price: not fixed yet, but probably around:
    • Non-members: € 250
    • Members: € 200

    Accommodation: help is available in finding a hotel. There are also possibilities to stay with a guest family for low prices.

Kees Kort -one of the teachers- organisers of the school and chairman of Kaito played yesterday in a small village during an opening of a very nice museum of various arts. See the picture below of his playing in the sunny garden.

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