donderdag 30 juli 2009

Learning and teaching

The proces of learning things interests me much, part because of my occupation, but also as a shakuhachi player. What is the right way to learn it? and is there one right way? On the shakuhachi festival in Leiden it was special to experience different teaching style's. Some more strict, some loose, some above you and some besides you, so to speak. Personally I like to informal style of teachers and I use that mostly in my work as well. But sometimes a more srict or direct approach is essential.
What is learning? Forcing your master experience or knowledge upon someone else? Or is it stimulating the inherent personal potential? Does one has to be tought to play like him\herself or like the teacher? Well I believe this difference in style of teaching had a lot to do with culture and 'the way it is' done in a given time. None is best perhaps, each has its merits. Well I can't say that I like being shouted at or scolded during a lesson, which can happen in Japan, I heared. I believe in a more humane appoach which is fortunately more common in the west.
Maybe the 'best' way is the way which brings you the closest to your goals and desires. It all depends on your desires then! For learning the flute I believe the 'west' is a good place: there are less strict rules, no playing forced in one school en more options of various teaching ways. As well many resources are available on the net. Mr. Kurahashi told me that playing Dai Kan notes was highly uncommon in Japan some time ago, it wasn't tought or tried. Only few did it. Now he told Dai Kan was a sound a beginner could make, so the pace has probably gone up on the learning curve. The most hard thing to do can't be speeded: getting a personal full tone.

Kurahashi playing Kyorei (part of concert)

One good lesson was Kurahashi told: do no forget your beginners sound when getting better. It is the soft, breathy tone and is pretty!

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Anoniem zei

I feel that the better the match between a teaching style and learning style the more enjoyable and productive the lessons will be. We are lucky in this digital age to have so many teachers available to us as shakuhachi students. We can truly seek worldwide for the teacher that best suits our temperment.

Maria zei

Hoi Bas,

Mooi om te lezen hoeveel 'lagen' de Shakuhachi heeft en hoe jij de summerschool in Leiden hebt ervaren.
Vanmiddag tijdens het familiefeestje graag een concert!

Liefs, Maria

Bas Nijenhuis zei

I think the word 'match' is very nice! Match in temperament, style of music, style of teaching etc.
Keyword is as you write Erin: enjoyment!

And Maria (my mum):
you had your little mini concert haha.

BrianP zei

Do you have the full kyorei video of Kurhashi?

Bas Nijenhuis zei

Hello Brian, unfortunately not...I have recorded what the photo camera allowed me, about 20 seconds per time. There are recordings made with semi-professional camera's and intention of, the Dutch society is to put them on DVD sometime...I hope they will be more then intentions.
Also if I had a full recording, I don't know if it is allowed to post it all...?