woensdag 26 augustus 2009

Ikkyu and Murasaki Reiho song

With the great help of shakuhachi player, Annelies Nederbragt, who gladly recorded a nice tale about the important zen monk Ikkyu told by Kurahashi sensei. It was a pleasure to be present at his workshop wich was centered around the song dedicated to -or made by- Ikkyu. I got a hold of a copy of this tale and his playing of this song: Murasaki Reiho. That score can be downloaded free from Kurahashi's site here.

Hear him play the song: here.

His story, which I found quite interesting can be heared below or downloaded (34M)

Before posting this information I contacted Kurahashi about his consent on the posting. He answered in his style: 'You may use them completely as you like.' :)

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