maandag 8 november 2010

Contemporary music II

I've posted about contemporary music for the shakuhachi before. I've been listening to more of it recently and specially the music created by Marty Regan. This music has both meloday and emotions woven into it. It isn't as abstract as some contemporary music. Maybe that's why I like fukuda rando as well: it is very melodic and is connecting the West with the East so to speak.

Many songs can be listened streaming on the site of Marty Regan The first piece I came in contact with was Mirage. This one I heared live. My newest favourite is Voyage, listed under 2008.

2 opmerkingen:

Tom Grimaldi zei

Thanks for the heads up on Marty's music. I like the way he incorporates the strings in with traditional Japanese instruments. "Voyage" is a great piece.

breath1 zei

Hi Bas, I also like Marty's music as I've written about elsewhere. I recently performed his pieces Shinonome no Uta (song poem of the eastern clouds) and Dragon Eyes.