maandag 7 maart 2011

Shakuhachi BBQ out of bamboo-coal?

The worldwide forum just seemed to stop working all of a sudden! It can be used as an archive of all the posts which have been made by the large group of forum member. I have posted there and lately have been reading mostly. It was always a nice way to spent time and read about all that is shakuhachi...Unfortunately this seems to be no more! Did they throw the shakuhachi in the BBQ? (Are they mad?) Well I don't think so but it comes as a surprise as the moderators and founders, Brian Tairaku Ritchie and Ken LaCosse, put an end to it all. Hopefully they will reignite the BBQ (the forum was called BBQ fore some reason).
Before that: thanks for running the forum guys! I enjoyed it.

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kikuday zei

Good you found the new one!