maandag 2 mei 2011

Kurahashi Workshop and WSF 2012

Yesterday on a sunny Sunday, Kurahashi Sensei held a very nice workshop about the Kinko piece 'Akita Sugagaki'. On of the Kinko Honkyokyu. He explained some rule about Kinko style of playing en we worked our way through this piece, which seems to have no special meaning. If you want to give it a go, you can find several PDF's of songs and the one mentioned above here
The Buddistic Broadcast also recorden aspects of the workshop, so that may be on the air someday. When it does I'll add the link to that as well.

Kurahashi also told more about the World Shakuhachi Festival in 2012 Kyoto, which he is organising.
He told a site will be up about it in a few days. The core shedule will be like this:
May 31th (Friday) : registration en welcome event
June 1st: International Shakuhachi Concert, which will be on all day
June 2nd: Unique, Rye concert als schools are showing what they are all about, and in one concert hall...
June 3rd Master Concert
June 4th Another International Concert

On the 'side' there are many workshops, small concerts, one special one held at the Myonji Temple, which is there annual concert.
During the WSF there is also a Noh-play event. So a lot to experience in Kyoto next summer.
Better start up saving, or selling a flute to get there :)

3 opmerkingen:

Jon Kypros zei

thank you Bas. what a great post and i'm so excited to hear about the festival! i hope i can attend!

Bas Nijenhuis zei

Thanks Jon, I hope to be there as well! It would be the summum of shakuhachi meeting/exposure.

Maria zei

Dan maar goed sparen Bas! Wel een heel bijzondere kans om mee te maken....Tja even geen rommelmarkt rondjes!
Liefs, Maria