dinsdag 10 maart 2009

About lessons


My fourth and fifth lesson had passed as I write this. Even as I notice that learning does take place on my own, when I practice at home I feel lessons take me futher. The teacher pushes me to try it differently and think outside my own box. That is good, especially if you notice that it work and adds to the playing of the shak. Material is also presented in the order wich is logic to me, but it seems even more so after I am further, I can look back and see why. I wouldn't be able to do so on my own! So what does practice look like:
* ro buki and forms of blowing like muraiki
* songs which challenge the new or tricky notes like Bb Eb, Ri dai meri and Tsu dai meri.
* new honkyoku and pieces like Sanya
My teacher asked me to play an improvisation together on a opening of a Buddhist centre somewhere in the procence...isn't that nice!

Happy practicing!

3 opmerkingen:

Perry zei

Hi Bas, I love your writings! And your pictures too :) All the best, Perry

Anoniem zei

Hey Bas, good to hear that you are finding the lessons helpful. You sound like you a making excellent progress!

Bas Nijenhuis zei

Nice to hear that from you!
I am making still a bit progress, but not as fast as in the beginning, then is was all 'hey' and 'wow'. Now its up to serious study of mostly the basics and some songs...