donderdag 29 januari 2009

Hon Shirabe Take 2

Some time ago, begin this month I recorded my first take on the Hon Shirabe honkyoku
Instructions to play this piece and more honkyoku can be found at: bamboo-in
First take, so to speak was on a the Yuu on a simple headset pc microphone. Now I've got me a second hand USB Samson CO3U large membrane mic. I recorded Hon Shirabe again with it and on a different flute: an aged and well seasoned Tozan Saikado flute (full of stable cracks), about 50 years of age, I bought from Perry Yung. Which offers an admirable service to make shakuhachi accessable to a broader public. Go check his site! (there are of course more makers who do so).
The flutes plays well in my beginners opinion; more easy than the Yuu overall, more even, nicer kan, nicer sound, nicer appeal overall... Its quite heavy, even more than the Yuu!
Here is the recording I just did:
Hon Shirabe Take 2
Can you hear the difference with the 1 jan recording?

2 opmerkingen:

Henrique Elias zei

Hi Bas!

Keep blowing!

Your second Hon Shirabe take sound much better than the first!Mainly the playing, not the record...

A big hug and peace,

Henrique Elias "Musgo da Pedra"

Bas Nijenhuis zei

thanks! what does make the recording different to you? I used a more nice recording device the 2nd time...