vrijdag 26 juni 2009

Travelling Malaysia

Now travelling for almost a month in Malaysia and Singapore I miss my bamboo flutes a lot. They smell like 'wood' they feel comfortable to the touch, they play nice. I feel that a bamboo shak has a total different feel, aura or 'energy' then one made of non-bamboo material. So a few days and I'll be able to play my Seikado, the raw Mujitsu or my rather newly acquired Gykosui, with wich I am most content. Nonetheless I have been playing some shakuhachi over here as I took my plastic -nasty word- Yuu. It plays everything well and nice but lacks some spirit to me. But without it I wouldn't have been able to take one along after all. I could do it...the humidity is quite high here (85%) and bamboo originates as well and grows very well in this climate. But the traveling by air with a shakuhachi...I dunno...
When home I'll post some more of my small shak adventures in this nice country with friendly people!

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kees zei
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kees zei

Hi Bas,
That sounds like a fine vacation!
(Sorry I messed up my first reaction here and deleted it)
I understand you miss the real shakuhachi.
Last year I took a Yuu camping, OK to practice and not lose the habit but that is about all, so this year I took the really good onei camping in a small tent in France, the parts in a bag + capped PVC tube each, with humidifier. Murray's Pomade for easy taking apart and assembly, Finally a hygrometer to make sure. No risk.
I bet next time you'll take a fine flute too!
I think of it this way too: If my house burns down while I'm on holiday I'll still have my dearest possession in my backpack.....(smiley)
Have a safe return home & happy playing,
Kees [de F]

Bas Nijenhuis zei

Maybe I will next time, your aproach sounds valid and quite safe. I will look into the pvc tubing anyway as a means to carry or protect my flutes during any travel.
But what if your backpack burns down ...?! ;)

Anoniem zei

Plastic or finely crafted bamboo flute, the bottom line is that it is better to have the instrument with you than not.

Humm...I think I'll have to plan a trip some time soon so I can decide which flute to take...LOL