dinsdag 17 november 2009

Hon Shirabe take 3 - the yearly recordings

I once in a while record this Honkyoku song. Also in some of my first posts of this blog I did that. This will be the 3rd take online of this song. This one done as it should be played and thus I can record my progress -or lack thereoff- while playing it.
This version is played on my 1.8 Gyokusui.
>>Listen here<<

3 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Sounding pretty good Bas!

Anoniem zei

Very peaceful. Nice long phrase endings. Your Muraiki is pretty well developed. Good low meri too. Coming up from Dai meri ro is tough!

Bas Nijenhuis zei

thanks! When hearing myself I wasn't very happy with it (though it is good to hear yourself). I am trying to memorize the song, 'cause the parts I do know and play from heart sound better to me.