zaterdag 7 november 2009

Edo 1.9 Jinashi nobekan

 I bought this one from Brian Tairaku Ritchie as the 'el cheapo edo'. And that is what this flute is: not a great flute of that era, but an ok one and a good one if played soft with a little vibrato. It has a sweet sound, not too focused, with a lovely kan register.
A flute like this, dated to late 19th century, will give you a glimpse of that time and past. Due to the imperfect tuning, normaly to this kind of flutes, it is more suited for solo play and honkyoku.
click to hear me play Fukuda Rando on this flute:
>>>>Sound file<<<<<

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Chris zei

Hello Bas, have you tried to spot tune the otsu-Ro to get just a little edge to the sound -- so it has a "bell ring" to the lower Ro? Just a bit. The otsu-Ro on this flute sounds just a little too soft, even for 20th century Meian playing.

That really is all it needs to be "complete". It would be an excellent Meian flute with a little help there. It would be interesting to experiment.

Of course, some flutes just don't respond to spot tuning.

And 1.9's are hard to sell because C# just isn't in demand in modern times. (I had three up until recently and I find, as you do, that selling them takes a while.)

It has got a very nice sound and you seem to be able to get a lot out of it.

Bas Nijenhuis zei

Hi Chris I missed your reply! But now found it.
No I haven't tried spot tuning. The ro is indeed a bit soft, though the kan ro is quite rich( but not hard).
I guess 1.9 are harder to sell.
Thanks about your encouraging feedback!
(maybe I won't regret it too much that the flute has found a new owner...)

Bas Nijenhuis zei

By the way: is spot-tuning difficult? or just trial and error. (or should I leave that to a pro...?)