donderdag 29 april 2010

To sell or not to sell...?!

To sell or not to sell; that is my question. I have gathered some small collection of flutes. Some I play more then others, soms I enjoy playing more then the rest. Some are nominated for selling\ trading. But this time when I am the point to actually put it on the market again I begin to have doubts, I make a recording and listen and think: hey that has some special character to it. Maybe I should keep it. The afforiomented flute this time is the one pictured above: a Taisho era 1.9 Jinashi, two piece flute. It bears one hanko, probably of the owner, not a makers one. It has a white horn inlay and the sound is smooth and round. Not at all agressive. It is my 3rd Jinashi flute next to a Chinese madake version and a Kyotaku. If you want to take a listen, I recorded a personal version of Tsuki. Haven't  learned this one officially, so it is my interpretation.
Maybe when in doubt about parting with a flute...keep on to it a little longer (or make me an offer I can't refuse, ha ha).

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Jon Kypros zei

This flute has a lovely old sound. You play it well too.

Like a hermit crab I shed my shell when I find a better one! ;)

Anoniem zei


reall nice...sweet sound and you play really well!!!

Keep it :)

All the Best,


Bas Nijenhuis zei

Thanks! I'll probalby keep to it a bit longer then :)

Anoniem zei

Beautiful! I'd keep 'em, both you and the flute!

Maria zei

Hello Bas,

What a beautiful music and you play it very sensitive.I like to hear more of you!

Love, Maria

kees de fouw zei

Hi Bas,
sounds very fine and the playing too!
Don't sell that one is my idea....
Did you record with the samson usb mic to computer?

Bas Nijenhuis zei

hi kees, yes I recorder it with that device.

Apparente zei

if you sell it, let me know :)

Bas Nijenhuis zei

Heh, I will, are you interested?
it is a flute I like to hear, but less like to play apparantly. I had once a 2.4 wich didn't fit somehow also.


Apparente zei

Hi and thank you for your answer, but it was too late! I already bought a Shakuhachi. If you want add me on skype: apparentesistenza.
Thank you anyway!