woensdag 4 augustus 2010

summer slowness


After some shakuhachi rest in the sense of playing less on a daily basis and also taking a break from lessons I try to get it up to my old inspirational level. Most of the times the break of it feels ok, but sometimes I feel bad about it. Interests in things waver naturally through time, but in starting to play this flute I din't expect this to happen to this...well it did. I still consider it 'my instrument' though. It just is a thing that need to be kept alive I guess.
Next event that comes up my path is the European Shakuhachi summerschool in Prague! I am already enthousiastic about it! To meet others and play together is perhaps the best thing to keep the spirit of playing and wanting to practice alive.

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Anoniem zei

Yes Bas, meeting up with others at the upcoming Shak Festival should help a lot with your wavering motivation.

My weekly sessions with the long tones players has done a lot to keep up my interest and enthusiasm. I hope you find the same from playing with the others at the festival.