dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

Back on tracks

After pondering about some time about playing the shak and learning I've reached a decision: I don't want to go on the old way. I want to put more time in it! I guess it came all down to just choosing to get on with it. I had stopped my lessons for a while to see if I would go on without them, I did but missed the lesson and guidance as well. I had few lessons when I first started to play, then I was very entousiastic about it. Looking back I feel it has to do with a clear goal at that time: getting able to play the flute. Knowing it was hard was something that drived me. Currently I can 'play' the notes (which is a whole lot different then playing the flute) I hit a sort of plateau where progress was not so visible. I think I need to set a different goal this time. I was some time without. I hope to be able to specify this goal though, but I am in no hurry. Maybe a goal isn't very zen-like, but I don't care, the flute isn't all about that. I like to have some goal if it helps me to be kept inspired. I decided to start up the lessons, maybe even have a go at jinashi lessons sometime. I think the comming of the anual European School, which has passed when writing this I need to make a choice. And I did. The ESS (European Schakuhachi School) helped tremendously in energizing this choice. I only hope to keep this feeling sometime. I'll post some pics and thing I've learned at the ESS somedays later. Let's roll!

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Tom Grimaldi zei

Don't stop Bas. At some point before you realize it you willround a corner and make great gains. Go! Go! Go! You won't regret it!

Anoniem zei

Yes, I agree with Tom, don't stop now Bas. You seem keenly interested in this instrument and now I think you need to get to work with your practice sessions, yes, a goal can help motivate you but I'd say just practice patiently without too much expectation. If you can enjoy the daily time with the flute, then I am confident that the rest will take care of itself.

Tom Grimaldi zei

Erin speaks words of wisdom. You must enjoy the daily practice. Embrace it and don't worry about the end result. It's the path that is important. Many times people will set an ultimate goal and when they finally achieve it they are disappointed. Remember, the path or way.

Bas Nijenhuis zei

I am not stopping! Maybe I dind't write it down well? I was just reinspired to play forth! I feel I have the spirit back in deciding to press on. But thanks for the encouragement and true words


kees de fouw zei

Hi Bas & blog-followers,
It's a tricky feeling you're talking about! I used to play and make guitars and found the pleasure of it can also be talked to death. Not to let that happen to shakuhachi my goal is not to become a good shakuhachi player, but to enjoy playing when I do,(that's every day). Of course I do make efforts to play to some standard, correct pitch etc., but -no pressure-

Anoniem zei

Hey Bas,

I think one thing that is really necesary is having fun and a great teacher that pushes you further and further!

But I now what you mean sometimes it is kinda depressing and there are no noticable changes in playing.

Just try to enjoy playing as much as you can.

Be well,


Bas Nijenhuis zei

thanks for the nice words and yes enjoying it on a daily basis is a good wat to go on.