woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Prague Shakuhachi Festival 2011

Here is the first of some more posts about this festival. They are not all about the festival, but are all related to my experiences there about different shakuhachi related topics! First some pictures of Prague and the festival itself to feel some of how it was. It was marvelous by the way. I have enjoyed it a lot. The city is lovely, the venue very nice and the people...Well see for your self.

Ro Buki

Class setting with Christopher Blasdel

Tea time

The famous bridge

Student Concert, Jim Franklin's piece "Dawn"

Sakai Shyodo and others listening to students performing

2 opmerkingen:

Martin zei

Nice photos, Bas. Do you have/will you upload any more? Cheers

Bas Nijenhuis zei

Hi there I have more, but these are the nicest as an overvieuw of the event. Maybe I can upload some more later