dinsdag 6 september 2011


In the Shakuhachi student concert in Prague I signed up for a solo piece (Tamuke). I have performed before on other instruments and with singing. This was not the case with the shakuhachi. So the "head has been chopped off", so to speak. I was rather nervous in the beginning and didn't loose all of that during playing. I think it is a good experience to do so and to practice playing like this. I had signed up quite early and with some anticipation I listened and watched differently performing the pro's on the concerts held each evening. When paying close attention even they are a bit nervous from the start or just before that. After they started performing, nothing was felt of it anymore though. I haven't asked though, but think this feeling prior to performing is quite normal. My admiration for performing itself grew with this experience. I think the best way to go from the first performance is to do another like it someday and get more used to perform for a larger audience. See below for a compilation of some pictures taken from my performance mixed with images from Prague and the festival itself. The recording is of my performance. (Thanks to Hélène and Ella for the footage)

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breath1 zei

Hi Bas,
Nice Tamuke! In some ways I think it's easier to perform in front of a very big audience than in front of a small one.

Anoniem zei

Beautiful playing Bas!

Bas Nijenhuis zei

Thanks!, maybe you are right Jeff, but I have to experience it more to feel the differences...
It also depends maybe on the audience itself. Are they friends, relatives or people unknown.

Maria zei

Bas, ik vind je stuk prachtig! en voel me een trotse moeder!

Martin zei

Very nice piece! Well done. I hope I could play like you...It was great to meet you at the Prague Shaku Festival. Cheers, Martin.