vrijdag 20 januari 2012

For sale 2.0 Jiari Shakuhachi

Sold: a 2.0 Jiari Shakuhachi by maker 'Radou'.
Hanko 'Radou'
The specifications:

2.0 jiari
36mm O.D. / 22mm I.D.
Length: 635mm
Weight: 495 gms
Key: C438hz
Maker: Radou

Details: This is a well-made choukan probably near WWII vintage with a kinko style buffalo horn utaguchi  inlay and urushi nakatsugi rings. Because of its overlength by 9 bu from the ideal 2.0 size, it plays slightly flat of C 440 but is well in tune with itself. As seen in the above picture, there was a crack running down the back side from the utaguchi, but repaired with staples, rattan binding and urushi. I doesn't seem to have run through the bore. As you can see, the staples is an old way of binding cracks. the crack has been stable for a long time and doesn't affect playing.
This choukan has an expressive and full tone. Very playable.


and a video:

The binded crack with staples and rattan, urushi finish

Utaguchi and blowing end

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Hi there I thought you might be interested in this documentary I made about a blind Shakuhachi maker and player from New Zealand http://www.cultureunplugged.com/play/10629

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