donderdag 1 januari 2009

1 januari recording Hon Shirabe

Well happy new year!
I am now playing a short while on the Shakuhachi and enjoy it a lot! I even purchased new flutes as an addition and/ or replacement of my Yuu. Maybe a bit early, but I am happy to have two new flutes: a 2.4 (A) Yung Chikusen and a Chinese Madake Root (+/- G#) from Ken la Cosse (Mujitsu).
The yung is a semi-jinachi and the one from Ken a jinashi flute, with both very different playing and sound.
Another is comming a 50-jear old Seikado 1.8 also from Yung, so I am happy to have so many new flutes.
Now some sound: I recorded myself playing Hon Shirabe a Honkyoku piece I was and am studiing on. Feel free to listen and comment, for myself this blog and thus the recording is a nice way to record my progress and adventures with the shakuhachi-flute.
The link:
Hon Shirabe (on a Yuu)

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