dinsdag 27 januari 2009

Learning vs. new flute's and collecting

I don't consider myself a collector, but it didn't escape my notice, that my flute became flutes and now is a small collection. My enthousiasm has a great part in it. Momentarilly I have 4 flutes and I only play for a short while...Does that make sense? Probably not, learning -so I've read- can be done best on 'main flute'; learning the techniques, the notes, the breathing and all. But I've had so much fun playing different flutes! In that I feel its okay for me to 'collect' some interesting flutes and of course play them! Even if its detrimental to my learning progress in this time, I am willing to pay that price. I do not find many things so exciting as this flute. Taming that feeling is kinda hard perhaps. The fun is in the playing and in the learning, so it's only good that it takes a bit longer, no?
As I write this, maybe a 5th very special one -to me- will be added. A komosu edo period flute! If I get I'll post about it later and so I will do about the flutes I have currently, certainly with music (or sound) and maybe sometimes even video...
In the main time: enjoy playing.

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yetiman zei

Hee, a new dutch shakuhachi enthusiast..nice! I'm a player since about 4 years and am really happy with this instrument. Get back to you soon, keep up the blog!and the bamboo!

Bas Nijenhuis zei

Yes indeed a dutch enthousiast! Are you Nederlands too? I'll keep on posting when something of note comes along the shakupath...


breath1 zei

Hello Bas - I personally think that collecting and playing is not a bad thing. I understand it. I have about 30 shakuhachi of varying lengths at any one time. I pass some on and keep others. I'm very fortunate to have access to many excellent flutes here in Japan. I understand your interest in Edo flutes. I have a few myself and they certainly have something to say. I hope you're able to get the Edo flute you're looking at. If it doesn't work out, let me know. I can help you find one to your liking.

Bas Nijenhuis zei

Hi Jeff I appreciate your comment! I'll keep it in mind...

Anoniem zei

Hello Bas, I am not far behind you with my beginner's flute 'collection'! I totally understand the pleasure of playing different flutes.

Thanks for blogging about your flute experiences.